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Premium 2000 Commercial Truck Warranties

PREMIUM 2000+™

We, at Premium 2000+TM, are committed to providing a Quality Warranty Product with Quality Customer Service to the Quality Truck Dealer.


Engine: Internally lubricated hard parts limited to:

  • pistons
  • piston rings
  • piston oil cooling jets
  • wrist pins
  • connecting rods
  • connecting rod bearings
  • crankshaft
  • main bearings
  • thrust washers
  • camshaft and cam bearings
  • cam followers
  • rocker arms shafts
  • rocker arms
  • pushrods
  • hydraulic lifters
  • intake and exhaust valves
  • intake and exhaust valve guides
  • valve springs
  • constant velocity valve
  • oil pump housing
  • oil pump gears
  • oil pump pick up screen
  • oil pump pick up tube
  • oil pump pressure relief springs and valves
  • valve retainers
  • valve keepers (locks)
  • timing chain and gears
  • timing chain tensioner(s)
  • timing gear cover
  • valve cover
  • oil pan
  • oil cooler and housing
  • intake manifold
  • exhaust manifold
  • flywheel housing
  • vibration dampener
  • thermostat housing
  • Cylinder liners are considered an integral part of the block and are covered only if damaged by a covered component. They along with the engine block and cylinder head(s)are covered if and only if damaged by the failure of a covered component.

Transmission: Internally lubricated hard parts of the Manual or Automatic transmission including shaft(s):

  • shaft(s)
  • gear sets
  • shift forks
  • synchronizers
  • blockers
  • oil pump
  • valve body
  • torque converter
  • governor
  • bands
  • drums
  • gear sets
  • bearings
  • bushings
  • thrust washers
  • The transmission case is covered only if damaged by a covered component. Required Seals and Gasket to complete covered repairs.


  • carrier case
  • gear sets
  • bearings
  • bushings
  • axle shafts
  • limited slip clutchpack
  • power divider
  • Required Seals and Gaskets to complete covered repairs.
  • The differential housing is covered only if damaged by a covered component.


  • Turbocharger(s) (Class 3-8 Initial 12 Months/100,000 Miles Only) Turbines, turbine shaft, bearings, internal variable vane assembly, and turbocharger housing.
  • Engine Fuel Injectors, Water Pump, Fuel Pump, & ECM (Class 3-8 Initial 12 Months/100,000 Miles Only): Engine Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pump include: complete injectors, fuel pump, fuel injector hard lines, fuel injection pump, and intake manifold. Water Pump includes: water manifold, housing impeller, bearings, and seals. Electronic Control Module includes: the ECM unit and the labor to remove and replace it.
    • A Water Pump failure is limited to repair or replacement of the water pump unit only, no progressive damage is covered.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) - (Class 3-8 Initial 12 Months/100,000 Miles Only): The DPF (filter only) and the labor to remove and replace it.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve(s)(EGR) - (Class 3-8 Initial 12 Months/100,000 Miles Only): The EGR Valve (valve component only) and the labor to remove and replace it.
  • Refrigeration Unit - (Class 7 Only - 12 Months/5,000 Hours or 24 Months/10,000 Hours) - Coverage to match Engine Coverage term.

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